Best Practices

The New Math of Successful MSPs

Earlier this month we had record turnout for our webinar, “Picanomics: the New MSP Math.” With more than 500 attendees logging in to hear from IT channel visionary Gary Pica, this on-demand webinar focused on how MSPs can and will drive more profitable growth and success in their businesses in 2016. Together with Mike Cullen, SolarWinds […]

MSPs Beware: PII Needs Protection Too

So, all your retail and hospitality clients are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Or at least, they’re actively working (ideally, with you) to become that way. Pat yourself on the back—but don’t do it too hard unless you’re also helping your clientele grapple with another piece of the data […]

MSPs Generate Highest Stock Value Increase Over Five Year Period, According to Service Leadership Index®

The Service Leadership Index® objectively categorizes all IT Solution Providers into one of 10 Predominant Business Models© in order to most accurately benchmark their financial performance, stock value creation and most applicable best practices. The S-L Index™ is the largest and most accurate ongoing financial and operational benchmark of Solution Providers worldwide. In this blog, […]

Your Data is Telling You How to Succeed

When a VAR makes the switch to managed services, the recurring revenue stream isn’t the only game-changing benefit. Becoming a managed service provider (MSP) presents an opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of your business and implement actionable data and key performance indicators (KPI). Over the years, much has been said about […]

How to Debunk Customer Myths around Cloud-based POS

Have you ever tried to sell retail and hospitality players on the concept of cloud-based POS (point-of-sale) software? If yes, you have likely encountered more than one prospective customer whose misconceptions got in the way of easily closing a deal—or possibly, took it off the table entirely. This doesn’t have to happen. You just need […]

But What Exactly is Managed Services?

The term “managed services” has been the subject of frequent debate, as some in the industry argue it does a poor job of telling customers what it means. And it is problematic, if for no other reason than that industries such as healthcare also use “managed services,” possibly creating confusion. But rather than debating nomenclature, […]