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The New Math of Successful MSPs

Earlier this month we had record turnout for our webinar, “Picanomics: the New MSP Math.” With more than 500 attendees logging in to hear from IT channel visionary Gary Pica, this on-demand webinar focused on how MSPs can and will drive more profitable growth and success in their businesses in 2016. Together with Mike Cullen, SolarWinds […]

Three Managed Services Specializations to Consider

Specialization is one of the clearest paths to managed services profitability. That’s not to say you can’t succeed with a well-strategized generalist approach, but if you can master a specialization that plays to your strengths and meets customer needs, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition and boost your profit potential. But how do you […]

MSPs Generate Highest Stock Value Increase Over Five Year Period, According to Service Leadership Index®

The Service Leadership Index® objectively categorizes all IT Solution Providers into one of 10 Predominant Business Models© in order to most accurately benchmark their financial performance, stock value creation and most applicable best practices. The S-L Index™ is the largest and most accurate ongoing financial and operational benchmark of Solution Providers worldwide. In this blog, […]

MSPs Should Help Adjust Clients’ Cybersecurity Perspectives

Regulation compliance is an essential part of cybersecurity, but not the sole focus. The ultimate goal is to prevent security breaches. But according to recent research, this isn’t well understood. Too many people confuse compliance with security and, as a result, fail to properly build up their defenses against cyber threats. MSPs, as stewards of […]

MSPs are Earning Extra Credit for Extra Services

If you specialize in the education vertical, your roster of services almost definitely includes such basics as desktop, laptop, server, and network hardware management; spam and spyware/malware protection; and firewall installation/management. But there is a lot more to this market than meets the eye, and a myriad of additional profit-generating “extra credit” options for MSPs […]

The Pros and Cons of Managed Services Profitability

A newly released study shows that managed services is a profitable business for a significant majority of providers selling into the small and midsize business (SMB) market. Some 58 percent of providers who participated in the Techaisle study say they are “very comfortable” and “making money,” while another 35 percent label themselves as “comfortable,” having […]

Save Your Clients Money With Managed Print Services

Have you ever walked into a store – let’s say Ikea or Costco – and suddenly realized there are so many items you didn’t know you needed? After you get back home you might conclude you really didn’t need that particular something after all, you just gave in to a shopping impulse or even worse […]

Get Ready for All-in-One RMM-IT Service Management 

In case you didn’t see all the social media buzz, this week we officially announced SolarWinds® N-able N-central®10.1. Featuring seamless integration with SolarWinds N-able MSP Manager, our born-in-the-cloud IT service management platform, the new release gives our channel partners everything they need to run an efficient, effective and profitable business from a single platform. N-central 10.1 brings centralized customer knowledge management, simplified ticketing, easy time-tracking and fast […]

How to Debunk Customer Myths around Cloud-based POS

Have you ever tried to sell retail and hospitality players on the concept of cloud-based POS (point-of-sale) software? If yes, you have likely encountered more than one prospective customer whose misconceptions got in the way of easily closing a deal—or possibly, took it off the table entirely. This doesn’t have to happen. You just need […]

Manage Your Managed Services Business Differently

Making a full transition to managed services is a tall order for solution providers. More often than not, you have to keep doing some legacy-type work, such as break/fix services and product sales, until you’re ready to make the switch. That’s not a bad thing. The transition to managed services should be a gradual, methodical […]

Managed IT Security Opens Doors to Financial Services Market

There is no denying that the financial services sector ranks among the top markets for MSPs. But when it comes to the financial service firms sub-segment (think mortgage lenders, money management entities, and the like), exactly where is the money? The answer: In managed IT security services. The rationale for financial service firms to opt […]

But What Exactly is Managed Services?

The term “managed services” has been the subject of frequent debate, as some in the industry argue it does a poor job of telling customers what it means. And it is problematic, if for no other reason than that industries such as healthcare also use “managed services,” possibly creating confusion. But rather than debating nomenclature, […]

17-City Road Show Tour Begins This Week!

The SolarWinds N-able team will embark on a 17-city, MSP-focused international Roadshow Series this week. Billed as our biggest tour to date, this roadshow brings the best of the best to our partners and prospects and will help accelerate the adoption of managed services, cloud and IT services automation throughout the IT channel. The tour […]

Looking Back and Ahead in Managed Services

by Derik Belair, VP, Marketing & Business Development, N-able by SolarWinds As we approach two years since our acquisition, I am pleased to note that N-able is thriving as part of the SolarWinds brand. We’re extremely proud that it’s a brand our partners and their customers know and trust, and in 2014, we leveraged SolarWinds’ […]

5 Ways Successful MSPs Turn Threats Into Opportunities

by Frank Colletti, VP Sales, N-able by SolarWinds Looking back on 2014, it’s clear that a managed service provider’s (MSP) work is never done. From new competitors, to price wars, mobile device management and more, here are five top business challenges MSPs faced in 2014, along with the ways the elite service providers in our […]

N-central® 9.5 SP1 BETA is in Progress

We are excited to announce to you that N-central 9.5 SP1 is currently in BETA! We have some great improvements to N-central 9.5 in this current release. How do I get it you ask? Well our BETA application signup page is available for our partners. What are some of the features? SNMP Enhancements Agents […]

N-able webinar: Five things to look for in an MSP Automation Platform

As a service provider, you are faced with a barrage of choices every day – from simple choices to far more complex choices that can have far reaching implications for your business. New tools, new technologies, new opportunities are presented to you every day. And to continue to add value to your business, you need […]

N-able webinar: Backup manager: How to maximize per customer revenue through backup

Data backup is something that everyone who has ever lost data understands. Except that when it comes to business, backup is not about protecting family photos, it’s about keeping the business running. When an SMB loses data or takes days or weeks to recover from loss, the results can be disastrous. Click on this link […]

MSPs: Communicate value & stop focusing on price.

This is a re-posting of the Monthly guest blog on MSPmentor by Mike Cullen VP Sales. If a customer doesn’t see the business value in what you do, your services are expendable.  It’s a harsh reality, but one that we all face. As an MSP, the challenge lies in communicating your customer value day-in and day-out. […]