The New Math of Successful MSPs

Earlier this month we had record turnout for our webinar, “Picanomics: the New MSP Math.” With more than 500 attendees logging in to hear from IT channel visionary Gary Pica, this on-demand webinar focused on how MSPs can and will drive more profitable growth and success in their businesses in 2016. Together with Mike Cullen, SolarWinds […]

Three Managed Services Specializations to Consider

Specialization is one of the clearest paths to managed services profitability. That’s not to say you can’t succeed with a well-strategized generalist approach, but if you can master a specialization that plays to your strengths and meets customer needs, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition and boost your profit potential. But how do you […]

MSPs Beware: PII Needs Protection Too

So, all your retail and hospitality clients are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Or at least, they’re actively working (ideally, with you) to become that way. Pat yourself on the back—but don’t do it too hard unless you’re also helping your clientele grapple with another piece of the data […]

MSPs Generate Highest Stock Value Increase Over Five Year Period, According to Service Leadership Index®

The Service Leadership Index® objectively categorizes all IT Solution Providers into one of 10 Predominant Business Models© in order to most accurately benchmark their financial performance, stock value creation and most applicable best practices. The S-L Index™ is the largest and most accurate ongoing financial and operational benchmark of Solution Providers worldwide. In this blog, […]

Professional Services Firms Need MSPs and Here’s Why

Many MSPs have added backup and data recovery (BDR) solutions to their tech toolboxes, but customer adoption – particularly in certain segments such as professional services – isn’t where it should be. One of the reasons why is a tendency among MSPs to focus on BDR as a “nice-to-have,” rather than as a “must-have.” In […]

Reality Check – The Cloud Isn’t That Easy

Nearly everyone has heard about the cloud and many know it is supposed to boost business agility and help lower costs. The disconnect comes when a business decides to move to cloud. Leveraging cloud services isn’t the same as being business-ready for cloud services. It is an important distinction that MSPs and IT service providers need […]

MSPs are Earning Extra Credit for Extra Services

If you specialize in the education vertical, your roster of services almost definitely includes such basics as desktop, laptop, server, and network hardware management; spam and spyware/malware protection; and firewall installation/management. But there is a lot more to this market than meets the eye, and a myriad of additional profit-generating “extra credit” options for MSPs […]

The Pros and Cons of Managed Services Profitability

A newly released study shows that managed services is a profitable business for a significant majority of providers selling into the small and midsize business (SMB) market. Some 58 percent of providers who participated in the Techaisle study say they are “very comfortable” and “making money,” while another 35 percent label themselves as “comfortable,” having […]

Why MSPs Need to Embrace Hybrid Cloud

At first blush, the continued rapid shift of workloads into the public cloud might give MSPs cause for pause. After all, instead of running those workloads on premises where MSPs already play a major role, workloads that shift to the cloud require MSPs to have relationships with major cloud service providers to manage those workloads. […]

Cloudy Forecast for Government and Education

The education vertical—K to 12 and secondary alike—is embracing cloud computing in a big way. So, too, is the government market. Consider recent forecasts from research firm MarketsandMarkets. The global cloud computing in education market is estimated to grow from $5.83 billion in 2015 to $15.02 billion by 2020, according to the company, with an […]

Save Your Clients Money With Managed Print Services

Have you ever walked into a store – let’s say Ikea or Costco – and suddenly realized there are so many items you didn’t know you needed? After you get back home you might conclude you really didn’t need that particular something after all, you just gave in to a shopping impulse or even worse […]

Get Ready for All-in-One RMM-IT Service Management 

In case you didn’t see all the social media buzz, this week we officially announced SolarWinds® N-able N-central®10.1. Featuring seamless integration with SolarWinds N-able MSP Manager, our born-in-the-cloud IT service management platform, the new release gives our channel partners everything they need to run an efficient, effective and profitable business from a single platform. N-central 10.1 brings centralized customer knowledge management, simplified ticketing, easy time-tracking and fast […]

Focus More on Higher Value Services for MSP Business Growth

Optimism is one of those traits that always springs eternal, so it should not surprise anyone that IT service providers expect to see continued growth being driven by a steady expansion in the number of endpoints they manage. While circumstances tend to vary widely, several economic and technology trends suggest that continued growth in the […]

Managed IT Security Opens Doors to Financial Services Market

There is no denying that the financial services sector ranks among the top markets for MSPs. But when it comes to the financial service firms sub-segment (think mortgage lenders, money management entities, and the like), exactly where is the money? The answer: In managed IT security services. The rationale for financial service firms to opt […]

But What Exactly is Managed Services?

The term “managed services” has been the subject of frequent debate, as some in the industry argue it does a poor job of telling customers what it means. And it is problematic, if for no other reason than that industries such as healthcare also use “managed services,” possibly creating confusion. But rather than debating nomenclature, […]

MSPs Need to Focus on Wholesale Cloud Services in 2016

Not too long ago it was thought that cloud computing would disintermediate the entire channel because customers would increasingly opt to acquire online services direct. The reality is, a growing number of businesses are interested in, and buying cloud services directly and from channel partners. So many, in fact, most organizations need or will soon […]

Industry Insights: IT Complexity Favors the MSP in 2016

It’s a New Year and there couldn’t be a better time to expand the SolarWinds N-able blog with new ideas, insight and leadership from across the IT channel. The goal is for managed service providers (MSP) to take this advice and run with it to grow their businesses faster and more effectively in 2016. Mike […]

Introducing MSP Anywhere™ — A New Remote Control Access and Support Platform for MSPs

As an MSP, delivering the best possible service and support to your clients is essential to the success of your business. That’s why we’re pleased to bring you SolarWinds® N-able MSP Anywhere, a new remote control access and support platform that gives our MSP partners on-demand, secure remote access to their customers’ computers. Announced today, […]