What we’re working on – Report Manager

JT_Wood_Small1bThis is a really exciting time to be working on the Report Manager product as we are in the process of implementing one of our most requested features! I am pleased to let you know that we are in the process of working on Scheduled Report Profiles in Report Manager. This will allow for you to schedule a single report for multiple customers or multiple reports for multiple customers. This will be done in bulk by creating a scheduled report profile. In this profile you will be able to configure the report parameters by selecting the report, customer(s), and schedule. Once you save the profile the report will run at the defined schedule and will be emailed out to the recipient(s), or distributed through a file share that you specify when configuring the profile.

Before getting into more details on Scheduled Report Profiles, I would like to discuss some features that we will be bringing to you in the next release of Report Manager. This release will allow for Report Manager to work with the great new “Sites” feature recently added in N-central® 10.1 and at the same time add some much requested functionality to the product. Some of the new features are as follows…

SO Level Report Expansion

We have added the capability to run a report for specific Service Organizations as well as a single or multiple customer(s). The following are the reports that we have added this functionality to…

  • The Executive Summary
  • Hardware Inventory
  • AV Status reports

I believe that this functionality adds versatility and more flexibility to how you define and run your reports!

VEEAM® Support

VEEAM Backup support data will now be visible in the Executive Summary and Data Protection Reports.

Windows Server® Backup Support

Windows Server Backup support data will now be visible in the Executive Summary and Data Protection Reports.

I am confident that you will find that this new release coupled with N-central 10.1 will enable you to add more value and flexibility to your customer offerings.

Now let me show you more details on Scheduled Report Profiles!

This feature will allow for you to configure or change report parameters and schedule through a bulk edit making it easier to change reporting across your whole customer base in one simple edit. In addition to that, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to schedule a report for hundreds of customers you can easily do this through the Schedule Report Profiles. I think this is an exciting addition to the Report Manager product that will assist you in bringing your reporting to the next level!

The following are some screenshots of the Scheduled Report Profile configuration screens…

Screen 1 The Schedule Report Profile is easily configured from the “Scheduled Reports” screen.

Screen 2 Screen 3 You are able to specify the format that you would like to see the report in.

Screen 4 You can then easily define the report delivery method.

Screen 5 Specify the schedule in which you would like to run the report(s). Now the specified customer(s) will receive the report on the scheduled days.

I think that you can agree that Report Manager is making strides to better your experience when utilizing the product. The upcoming releases of Report Manager will not only bring exciting features but will bring a better all-around user experience which will allow you to ensure that you are bringing the most value to your customers!

Please keep your eye on this blog as we will be outlining some new and exciting features coming to the SolarWinds N-able product family in the future.

Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds N-able will deliver any specific feature in any particular timeframe.  All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are based on the product team’s intentions, but those plans can change at any time.

Thank you,

Jeremy Tilner

Product Manager SolarWinds N-able