Where Have All The Hours Gone?

As he’s leaving a customer site, your technician takes 10 minutes to solve a minor problem. He thinks, why bother entering time for something so small. So he doesn’t.

What if this happens to him — and to all your other technicians — at least once every day? And what if it’s just the tip of an iceberg of inefficiency?

If your technicians are using pen and paper or another manual system for tracking billable hours and maintaining customer information, substantial revenue could be slipping through your fingers. Your techs are probably commuting back to the office between service calls to access or update customer information. And they have too much ‘dead time’ because you’re not able to schedule their days efficiently.

From insight to action

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. To improve the efficiency of your technician team, you first need to measure its performance. The best way to do this is with service management software: a cloud-based and mobile friendly system that lets technicians track their time easily from anywhere while providing you with a complete view of technician activity. Based on this insight, you can develop a schedule that minimizes travel and dead time and maximizes billable hours.

Service management software also gives technicians the ability to update and access information about all your customers, wherever they are. This means any technician can support any customer, resulting in faster and more responsive service. It also means your technicians don’t have to jot down or print customer info or commute back and forth to the office. Instead, they can capture more billable hours and more detail about jobs, which will give customers a better sense of the value you’re bringing to their business.

Tickets to success

With MSP Manager you can generate helpdesk tickets in seconds meaning technicians can easily keep track of everything while still providing fast support. You can also have your customers create their own tickets through a branded, secure portal. MSP Manager from SolarWinds N-able is a cloud-based service-management platform. It combines helpdesk, technician management and billing to help you improve service delivery and gain greater insights into your business.

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